PTTs (Push-To-Talk) / Transition Boxes

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50mm Flat PTT
50mm round Press to Talk with flat button ..
50mm Round PTT
50mm PTT with Heavy Duty Clothes Clip Availble with one or two poles ..
Finger PTT
Finger Press To Talk ..
Flesh Finger PTT
Flesh Coloured Finger (Ring) Press to Talk ..
In Line PTT
In line Press to Talk button ..
Inline Lock PTT
Inline locking Press to Talk ..
Nexus U94A/U
Nexus U/94A/U Press To Talk ..
Aviation Push-To-Talk Switch: Allows the user to transmit to ATC when the red button is engaged. ..
PA50 PTT Housing
PA50 PTT Housing ..
Aviation Push To Talk Switch easily attaches to the control column with velcro straps. Features a..
Waterproof PTT
A 50mm Waterproof Press to talk button. The back of the PTT has a rotating clothes clip. ..
Pilot Small Transition Box
Pilot Small Transition Box   36mm x 22mm x 12mm ..
Pilot Large Transition Box
Pilot Large Transition Box 68mm x 22mm x 15mm ..
Pilot Y Transition Box
Pilot Y Transition Box   46mm x 25mm x 14mm ..

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