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Introducing Pilots New and Exclusive Headset - Gold Package

This package includes:
• Pilot Headset
• Super Cushion Headpad
• PA150 Gel & Foam Super Cushioned Earseals
• PA20 Black Cloth Covers
• Microphone Windshield and O-ring
• Pilot Headset Bag

Everything you want in a headset, comfort, able to be used with a stereo intercom and individual ear volume controls for perfect audio adjustment.
Features include:
• Boom Type: Metal/Flex
• Earseals: Gel & Foam Super Cushioned 
• Headpad: Air-Foam
• Microphone: PA7 Electret
• Volume: Individual Earcup control
• Stereo/Mono: Yes
• Com Cord: Attached
• Warranty: 5 Years
• Extras: Chrome PJ-068/PJ-055 plugs

*Price includes VAT

Gold Package - Pilot Headset

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