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3M Peltor CH-3 FLX2 Communication Headset

Pilot Communications is proud to be an authorised 3M distribution partner.

3M Peltor CH-3 FLX2 Communication Headset

  • 3M Peltor CH-3 FLX2 Communication Headset
    The CH-3 headset is ideal for workers in loud environments who need their own headset to ensure hygiene standards are as high as possible. Some users prefer a built-in PTT on the ear cup, whereas an external PTT mounted in-line, such as on the chest, is more convenient for others. As a result, the CH-3 communication headset is available in two formations.

    CH-3 Communication Headset – no built-in PTT
    MT74H52A-110 (Headband)
    MT74H52B-110 (Neckband)
    MT74H52P3E-110 (Helmet mounted)

    Instead of having a PTT on the ear cup of your CH-3 headset, connect your headset to your radio in one of two ways:
    • Radio > inline PTT unit with correct radio connection> plugs into CH-3 headset
    • Radio > FLX2 cable with correct radio connection > plugs into standard inline PTT unit > plugs into CH-3 headset

    CH-3 Communication Headset – with built-in PTT
    MT74H52A-111 (Headband)
    MT74H52B-111 (Neckband)
    MT74H52P3E-111 (Helmet mounted)

    Connect your CH-3 headset directly to your radio with the FLX2 cable with correct radio connection, and use the built-in PTT on your headset.

    Interested in 3M Peltor products? Contact us for more information!

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