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3M Peltor Tactical XP Flex Headset

Pilot Communications is proud to be an authorised 3M distribution partner.

3M Peltor Tactical XP Flex Headset

  • 3M Peltor Tactical XP Flex Headset

    The 3M™ PELTOR™ Tactical™ XP Flex Headset is an electronic level dependent hearing protector equipped with many functions that further improve your ability to hear what you want to hear while remaining protected from harmful noise. The Flex cable allows the headset to be used in many different fields and functions with a wide range of communication radios.

    • The Flex system means you only need replace the cable if you update or change your radio manufacturer, not the expensive part, the headset.
    • Standard chassis jack for connecting a flex cable
    • A separate audio input enables connection with DECT, mobile or two way radio equipment
    • Ghost voice guided menu system
    • Last setting is stored when switched off
    • Automatic shut-off after two hours if no function is used
    • Warning signal when power is low, before shut-off
    • Audio input jack for external radio
    • PTT button on ear shell

    MT1H7F2-77 (headband)
    MT1H7B2-07 (neckband)
    MT1H7P3E2-77 (helmet mounted)

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