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3M Peltor WS LiteCom Pro III

Pilot Communications is proud to be an authorised 3M distribution partner.

3M Peltor WS LiteCom Pro III

  • 3M Peltor WS LiteCom Pro III
    3M™ PELTOR™ WS™ LiteCom Pro III Headsets help you communicate efficiently and effectively in noisy environments. Our headsets have a built-in analogue and digital two-way radio, which allows headset-to-headset communication and can be integrated into similar professional radio systems. You can program up to 70 unique radio channels. Sound levels constantly change in demanding situations. When the noise quiets down, you can turn up the environmental listening function to improve situational awareness or speak with co-workers who are close by, and if the hazardous noise returns the level dependent technology will kick in to help protect your hearing again. The noise cancelling waterproof microphone provides voice-operated transmission for hands free use, and Bluetooth multipoint connectivity allows seamless connection of mobile devices, so you can make and take calls without stopping work. This model features a stainless steel wire headband that provides comfortable pressure even during long periods of use.

    • Hearing protector with built-in programmable analogue and digital two-way radio
    • Push-to-listen quick activation of level dependent function
    • Program up to 70 unique radio channels
    • Bluetooth multipoint connectivity allows seamless connection of mobile devices
    • Level-dependent technology helps improve situational awareness and communication
    • Noise cancelling waterproof microphone
    • External connection jack
    • Voice operated transmission (VOX) for hands free use in high noise environments
    • Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
    • Headband, neck band and helmet-mounted models

    MT73H7A4D10-EU (Headband)
    MT73H7B4D10-EU (Neckband)
    MT73H7P3E4D10-EU (Helmet mounted)

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