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Icom ICF 3000

Coiled cord only

Icom ICF 300 Radio Lead for: 
ICF3GS, F3GT, F4GS, F4GT, F11, F12, F12S,F14, F14S, F15, F15S, F21, F22, F22S F24, F25, F27SR, F31GS, F31GT, F33, F34GS F34GT, F43GR, F44GS, F44GT, F3001, F3011 F3101D, F3002, F3022S, F3022T, F3102 F3102D, F4001, F4002, F4011, F4022S, F4022T F4029SDR, F4102D 

Icom ICF 3000

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