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ISO Tunes Sport IT40 Defy Slim Ear Defenders Basic

IT-40 ISOtunes Defy Sport Slim Basic Shooters Earmuff


• Attenuating Earmuff in the ISOTunes Sport range – over the head/ear in hunter green/black.

• Great Protection. Slimmer Fit.

• DEFY Sport Slim Basic delivers outstanding protection in a no-frills, ultra-slim design.

• Tactical Sound Control™ allows you to hear and control ambient sound volumes, all while protecting you from harmful gunshot noises.

• DEFY Sport Slim Basic is the ultimate earmuff for distraction free, high-performance protection.

• Tactical Sound Control™ enhances your hearing by up to x8, while protecting you from high-impact noises in under 2 milliseconds.

• SafeMax Technology™ limits volume output to 85dB for all-day, damage free listening.

• 20 NRR Tested and approved to ANSI s3. 19-1974.

• Ultra-Slim Design for maximum comfort and performance.

• 2 x AAA Battery Powered with up to 300 hrs of situational awareness.

• IPX4 Durability for sweat and water resistance.

• Lightweight Design at 289g, DEFY Slim Basic weighs 100g less than the industry standard.

• 3.5mm audio input socket.

• Auxiliary cable to attach an MP3 player or mobile phone.


Note. This product has no Bluetooth capabilities. Please look at our other listings for this option.

ISO Tunes Sport IT40 Defy Slim Ear Defenders Basic

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