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Digital Audio Recorder Adapter for Bose (6 Pin Lemo) Headset This adapter allows you to record everything heard over the aircraft intercom system to your digital recording device. Can be used for creating your own aerial videos without excess cabin noise. It will record all of the audio transmitted through the intercom system, including  ATC transmissions and in-cabin audio.

It works with devices that use a 3.5mm stereo external mic input such as the GoPro , and most other handheld Video Camera or personal audio recorder. Can be used with a handheld digital audio recorder to create your own Cockpit Voice Recorder. Ideal for CFI's and Students to review radio communication skills after the flight!


For use with with Panel Power headsets using the 6 Pin Lemo/Redel connector such as the Bose X, Bose A20, or Lightspeed Zulu Panel Power version.


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